Svetlodarsk’s volunteer Center in Donetsk region

Since June the 1st 2015 the volunteers from the public organization “Your victory” that helps young people, started working in Svetlodarsk, Donetsk region.

Helping people that live on the front line, the volunteers from different parts of Ukraine give people hope and strength to keep going.

Festivals for children, concerts, help with provision and woods for the heating, hygiene products, help to repair damaged roofs – that’s what the volunteers have being doing for the last three years.

With a help of the social rehabilitation program “From family to family” a few kids from Svetlodarsk got a social rehabilitation in Germany.

In February 2018 the Center of development for children and young people VPN-zone was opened. There is a cinema, boxing classes, art school and teenagers club.

The Center of development for kids and youth VPN-zone is open for everyone. From June, 1st 2018 the Center also works in the summer.

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